What 'De Sjamaan' stands for

'De Sjamaan' is Dutch for 'the Shaman'. We believe that the shamanic traditions worldwide have a lot to offer to those seeking herbal ingredients to expand their outlook on the world or just to enjoy their effect on body and mind.
Most of the products we offer find their roots in these shamanic traditions or in herbal medicine from around the world. Hence the name 'de Sjamaan'.

Who we are

De Sjamaan Distribution is a fast growing Dutch company, supplying psycho actives, food supplements and paraphernalia to distributors, wholesalers, retail shops and end-consumers worldwide. De Sjamaan was founded in 1994. It all began as 1 Smartshop in Arnhem, a town in the east of Holland, near the German border. Since then we have been growing extensively. Now, de Sjamaan is one of the leading companies in the smart industry in Europe.
In the first 6 years of our existence we have been primarily focusing on expanding our wholesale within the Netherlands, our internet sites and sales worldwide, and our retail shops in Holland. In the Netherlands we are very well known, as we serve hundreds of Dutch Smartshops through our sales persons and our distribution department.
Since beginning 2001 we have begun to actively enlarge our international wholesale department, and with great success! Our international distribution network is covering many countries.

The wholesale and distribution office of De Sjamaan

We like to invite you and your company to work with our products and see their potential in your country. De Sjamaan is able to offer you a fast and reliable service for you to build on and expand your business.

The secret to our success is threefold:

  • strong, exclusive, high quality products
  • extensive advice and sharp prices
  • excellent and reliable service and fast shipping

And on top of that, the most important, we do what we promise!
In most cases, we can have your order delivered within 24 hours.

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